Appium Workshop

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Appium Workshop

How Appium works in Android and iOS – Native, Hybrid and Web Applications?

Course Extract
Level Beginner / Intermediate
Length 36 hours
Pre-requisites None
Batch size 20
Job preparation Yes
Certificate Yes
Start date December 02, 2017

Get Started

Get Started with Appium

  • Mobile Test Automation and Tools
  • Appium Introduction
  • Appium Architecture
  • Pre-requisite for Appium Setup
  • Installation of Android SDK and studio
  • Real Phone Configurations
  • ADB commands

Get Started with Android Native Apps

  • Android Applications – An overview
  • Steps to Build Sample Android Native App
  • Android Layouts
  • Application Types and Challenges
  • How to find the application Package & Launch Activity
  • Wifi Connection Using ADB Commands
  • Install Appium
  • Begin Native App Scripting with Appium

    • UI Automator – Classes and Methods
    • Tools to inspect Elements
    • Challenges in inspecting objects
    • Locator strategies
    • Desired Capabilities
    • Native App Scripting – Create a Contact

    Debug Scripts, Appium Server to know more

  • Appium Server Design
  • Appium Server logs and tail tools
  • Real and Emulator devices Debugging
  • AndroidDriver Class and its Methods
  • Deal with Network Connections
  • Change Screen Orientation
  • Learn to Pull and Push Files
  • ScreenShot in Native and WebView
  • Apk install options
  • Mobile Specific Actions and Scripting with Hybrid, Web Apps

    • Touch Actions
    • Zoom and Pinch
    • Switch Context (Script level and DC)
    • Chrome inspect to inspect Webview App
    • Hybrid App scripting (LeafOrg)
    • Mobile Chrome Browser

    Project Day

  • Understanding Config json file
  • Implementing Grid
  • Parallel Execution
  • Cloud Execution
  • POM Framework

  • Course Details

    Course Duration

    1 WEEK

    Every Week


    Each Session

    6 HOURS

    Projects & Assignments

    36 HOURS


    Get Started
    with Appium

    Mentor Spotlight

    Babu is an expert Selenium Webdriver + Appium with 17 years of industry exposure. As Mobile enthusiast, he is actively involved in the research and development of high end automation of applications. His passion for this field is matched only by his eagerness to share his knowledge with others.