Jenkins Certification

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Jenkins Certification

DevOps Foundation – Jenkins Certification Program

Course Extract
Level Intermediate
Length 3 Weekends
Projects 1 (Fully functional)
Pre-requisites None
Batch size 10 - 15
Job preparation Yes
Certificate Yes
Start date November 10, 2018

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  • Continuous Delivery/Continuous Integration Concepts
  • Define continuous integration, continuous delivery, continuous deployment
  • Continuous delivery versus continuous deployment
  • Jobs
  • Types and Scope
  • Organising jobs in Jenkins
  • Parameterized jobs
  • Usage of Freestyle/Pipeline/Matrix jobs
  • Builds
  • Steps, Triggers, Artifacts, Repositories
  • Setting up build steps and triggers
  • Configuring build tools
  • Running scripts as part of build steps


  • Source Code Management
  • Cloud SCM, Changelogs
  • Polling source code management
  • Creating hooks
  • Including version control tags and version information
  • Testing
  • Test reports in Jenkins
  • Displaying test results
  • Integrating with JUnit / TestNG
  • Breaking builds
  • Notifications
  • Setup and usage
  • Email notifications, instant messaging
  • Alarming on notifications
  • Distributed Builds
  • Setting up and running builds in parallel
  • Setting up and using cloud agents
  • Monitoring nodes


  • Plugins
  • Setting up and using Plugin Manager
  • Finding and configuring required plugins
  • CI/CD
  • Using Pipeline (formerly known as “Workflow”)
  • Integrating automated deployment
  • Release management process
  • Pipeline stage behavior
  • Jenkins Rest API
  • Using REST API to trigger jobs remotely, access job status, create/delete jobs
  • Artifacts
  • Copying artifacts
  • Using artifacts in Jenkins
  • Alerts
  • Making basic updates to jobs and build scripts


  • Pipeline Concepts
  • Value stream mapping for CD pipelines
  • Why create a pipeline?
  • Gates within a CD pipeline
  • How to protect centralized pipelines when multiple groups use same tools
  • Definition of binary reuse, automated deployment, multiple environments
  • Elements of your ideal CI/CD pipeline - tools
  • Key concepts in building scripts (including security/password, environment information, etc.)
  • Upstream and downstream
  • Triggering jobs from other jobs
  • Setting up the Parameterized Trigger plugin
  • Upstream/downstream jobs


  • Triggering
  • Difference between push and pull
  • Triggering Jenkins on code changes
  • Pipeline (formerly known as “Workflow”)
  • Benefits of Pipeline vs linked jobs
  • Functionalities offered by Pipeline
  • How to use Pipeline
  • Pipeline stage view
  • Parameters
  • Setting up test automation in Jenkins against an uploaded executable
  • Passing parameters between jobs
  • Identifying parameters and how to use them: file parameter, string parameter
  • Jenkins CLI parameters
  • Promotions
  • Promotion of a job
  • Why promote jobs?
  • How to use the Promoted Builds plugin
  • Notifications
  • How to radiate information on CD pipelines to teams


  • Project
  • Best Practices

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Senior DevOps Architect

Bhaskar, with 12+ years of experience in development and has strong experience in DevOps. He has been coaching Docker, Jenkins for quite long now.