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Data Science / ML

Data Science Training

Want to learn Data Science training in Chennai; Data Science is one of the hottest jobs in the market. TestLeaf provides the best Data Science course in Chennai, call 044 455-44246 to know more about Data Science training in Chennai.

Let’s just know what Data Science is, Data Science is a field of study, which combines expertise in a particular domain, programming skills, and knowledge of math and statistics in order to extract meaningful data. Data Science practitioners use machine learning to apply algorithms to numbers, texts, images, audios and videos, etc. to produce to artificial intelligence (AI) system and programming them to perform tasks that would require human intelligence. In return these systems will generate meaningful data, which can be used by business persons and analysts, and can convert those data in way that they can use it in their business so that they can make revenue. Basically, it’s about making the system work like a human being. TestLeaf is being the top institute providing best Data Science training in Chennai.

Data Science Training in Chennai

Looking for Data Science Training in Chennai, TestLeaf has got you covered as we provide the best Data Science course in Chennai. We are rated as the #1 training institute in Data Science / Data Analytics courses, our courses’ objective is to provide the real time exposure in Statistics, Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Machine Learning concepts, and Artificial Intelligence. We train Data Science for candidates from basic level to advance level. Undergo the best Data Science Training in Chennai at TestLeaf.

What exactly is Data Science?

Data Science is nothing but data driven science, which strives to provide meaning through interpreting and analysing enormous amount of complex data. Generally these data would be in the form of raw information in the streams that are from various sources and will be stored in warehouses that are in enterprise-level. TestLeaf provides the best Data Science training in Chennai,and we focus on data warehousing, data extraction, analysis, machine learning and algorithms etc. Data Science doesn’t stop here but further dives deeper into data storehouses, which helps a business to understand the complex trends and behaviors, this helps the business professionals to make smarter and quicker decisions.

About Data Science Course

TestLeaf Data Science course in Chennai is one of the top-rated data science training providers by meeting the needs of the current industry. The data science course in Chennai provided by TestLeaf consists of various roles and responsibilities by being a Data Scientist as well as involving into data analysis, machine learning, data mining, cleansing, data visualization and transformation are few other things that a candidate needs to get his or her hands-on.

What will be your take away in this Data Science training in Chennai?

  • Introduction to the Data Scientist’s roles and responsibilities.
  • Tools for data transformation and techniques
  • Analysing data by deploying machine learning
  • Implementation of different data mining techniques
  • Data optimization and visualization.

Who can take this course?

  • Business Analyst, Business Intelligence and Big Data intelligence
  • Big Data statisticians
  • Machine Learning Professionals
  • Information Architects and Predictive Analysis
  • Those who are actively looking for Data Science as a career.
Course Extract
Level Intermediate
Length 16 Weekends
Projects 5 Real Time Projects
Pre-requisites None
Batch size 10 - 15
Job preparation Yes
Certificate Yes
Start date August 28 , 2021

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  • Python the saviour for ML
  • Basics of Python, Installation and setup
  • Python syntax, Variable, datatypes, Keywords, Operators, Conditional statements, loops, control statements
  • Functions, LAMBDA & Modules
  • Exception Handling, File handling
  • Data structures (List, Set, Tuples, Dictionary),
  • Advanced Libraries of Python (Numpy, Pandas, Scikit-learn etc)
  • Data preparation and munging using Python libraries


  • Basic of Statistics & Probabilities for ML
  • Statistical Jargons, Central tendencies
  • Sample vs Population
  • Exclusive Event, Independent Event, Introduction to random variables, the Joint probability
  • Metric, Probability tree, Confusion Matrix
  • Discrete probability distributions, Continuous probability distributions


  • Deep dive on Linear Regression
  • Understanding Linear Regression with an example
  • Gradient descent and its parameters
  • Formulae and maths behind this model
  • Multiple Linear Regression, Polynomial Regression, Categorical Variables in Regression
  • Error metrics to calibrate performance the model
  • Hands-on modelling of 3 real-time problems (using Python and scikit-learn)
  • Pros and cons


  • Developing and Deploying ML models (AWS CLOUD)
  • Building a simple REST application using FLASK
  • Exposing the Linear Regression ML model as REST API using FLASK
  • Deploying the ML model in AWS and consuming it using a sample application


  • Deep dive on Logistic Regression
  • Understanding Logistic Regression with an example
  • Sigmoid function
  • Formulae and maths behind this model
  • Error metrics to calibrate the performance of the model
  • Hands-on modelling of 3 real-time problems (using Python and scikit-learn)
  • Pros and cons

Deep Dive


  • Deep dive on SVM
  • Understanding SVM with an example
  • Learning about Kernal and support vector machines
  • Formulae and maths behind this model
  • Error metrics to calibrate the performance of the model
  • Hands-on modelling of one real-time problem (using Python and sci-kit-learn)
  • Pros and cons


  • Time Series Forecasting
  • Understanding Trend analysis, Cyclical and Seasonal analysis, Smoothing
  • Moving averages, Auto-correlation
  • ARIMA Applications of Time Series
  • Hands-on modelling using FB Prophet for Time series forecasting (Python)


  • Other Algorithms in Machine Learning
  • Unsupervised Learning: Clustering techniques – K means – K means++
  • Decision Tree: Real-time use case, examples, the theory of entropy. Information gain and Gini index, Hands-on

DAY 10

  • Ensemble Technique
  • Bagging & boosting and its impact
  • Random forest, Adaboost - Gradient boosting machines

DAY 11

  • Text Mining
  • Understanding information retrieval, Crawling and Language modelling
  • Text Indexing, Inverted Indexes
  • Relevance Ranking TF and IDF
  • Evaluation Metrics for Ranking

DAY 12

  • Natural Language Processing
  • Understanding NLP, real-life systems using NLP
  • Parsing and semantic structures, Stemming, POS tagging
  • Named Entity Recognition and applications of NER
  • Sentiment Analysis

DAY 13

  • Project Week
  • Dataset will be provided
  • Expected to prepare and transforms the data to be applicable for modelling
  • Model using various algorithms and provide the best prediction results
  • Apply Ensemble techniques to improve the prediction accuracy

DAY 14

  • Project Week
  • Specific business/domain use cases will be dealt with (based on the availability of the experts)
  • Hackathon/contest
  • Certification

Future of Data Science Market

Data Science has a huge demand now and the requirement remains the same for the future, so Data Science has got hugejobs vacancies in the market. Moreover Data Science training in Chennai gaining a lot of attention among job seekers these days. There are many job openings available all over the world for Data Scientists and Indian cities like Chennai, Bangalore and Hyderabad are already in the race among other global cities in Data Science. Undergo Data Science training in Chennai to get the real time exposure of the Data Science job responsibilities. One of the reasons that Data Science will be a more dominant job in the future is that the supply demand ratio is not at all near. Most of the companies are viewing Data Science as the best kick start for Artificial Intelligence.

Data Science with Python Training in Chennai

Here at TestLeaf, we teach you how to make use of Python language for data visualization. Python is one of the powerful tools for statistical analysis that helps you to analyse and handle the data much easier. Python also comes in handy for data analysis as it provides the best productivity and readability, and most importantly it doesn’t change the want way when dealing with data. Data Science course in Chennai provided by TestLeafgives significance for Python much. In addition, Python is much faster and efficient that makes it the most suitable language for Data Science. Another reasons are Python is already among the top programming languages, and several reasons are Scalability and the flexibility to solve a particular problem, along with that Python is much easier to pick up from the scratch in contrast to other programming languages like Java. Our institute’s Data Science training in Chennai has a cutting-edge solution for modern day problems. These things has made Python much more suitable for Data Science and here at TestLeaf, we give hand-in-hand significance for Python language, Machine Learning as well as other subjects like Statistics and Maths. Due to the increasing demand and requirement for projects in various sectors like medical and other, Data Science course in Chennai is preferred by many candidates.

Course Details

Course Duration


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Great Career

Data Science Certification Training in Chennai

How about doing a Data Science Certification Training in Chennai? There are many certifications available for various courses in the market, so does Data Science, but what makes it unique? Well, Data Science is one of the very few skill that has high demand in the market, due to which having a certification itself helps to bag a lot of jobs. Undergoing Data Science certification courses in Chennai will help you to get the real-time exposure.Whereas in case of other jobs, organizations as looking for relevant experience in the same field.But one should have a solid understanding in the field, for that you are required to undergo Data Science certification training in Chennai to gain the insights of the subject. TestLeaf is one of the very few institutes that provides Data Science certification courses in Chennai.

Why Data Science Training at Chennai?

TestLeaf strives to provide only the quality services for our students, for which we have done a lot of research and analysis. So we will make your investment worth it.We are proud to deliver the best Data Science course in Chennai for fresher candidates as well as professionals to gain in-depth knowledge in Data Science. Undergoing Data Science training in Chennai at TestLeaf will sure provide you a different experience and you will be able to get adapted to your new workspace as our training is par with any corporate workspace.

Real-Time Data Science Projects?

Well, till now you have grasped a fair amount of knowledge about Data Science. Now let’s see some of the real-time projects that have been developed over these years and the reason why they are being top. Well for your understanding, we are sharing about a Data Science project that analyses a human behaviour and shows results based on those behaviours.TestLeaf’s Data Science training in Chennai helps you to gain knowledge in Data Science technologies. Have ever seen YouTube or Netflix, it would be recommending you a lot of movies or videos based on your previous searches. This will make the entire system more personalized for each and every single user, by this it can make a lot of revenue. Our Data Science training in Chennai will help you to get exposure as a real Data Analyst and Data Scientist. This is just one project that you can come across in your everyday life, but there are numerous projects available in the market that reflects Data Science and its efficiency.You will be able to create your own project in Data Science by undergoing Data Science Training in Chennai.


I’m completely from non IT background, can I join Data Science course?

Data Science is a new and unique filed that requires skills not only from computer programming but also from various background like, statistics, mathematics and data structures etc., so even a person from IT background needs to fresh start from the scratch.

What are the skill required to become a Data Scientist?

To become a Data Scientist, one must have these skills. Programming language (R language or Python), data visualization, machine learning, statistics and communication skills. TestLeaf’sData Science training in Chennai concentrates on all these skills.

What are the job designations that I can apply after completing the course?

There are a lot of jobs available in the field of Data Science, and the job descriptions are Data Scientist, Data Analyst, Machine Learning Engineer, etc.

What certification will I receive after Data Science program at TestLeaf?

If you have successfully completed TestLeaf’sData Science Certification training in Chennai, you will receive a course completed certificated stating that you’ve successfully competed Data Science training at TestLeaf.

What if I miss a session?

Online classes are taken through WebEx and are usually done for recapping, or if anyone has missed any class.

What are the different modes of training provided at TestLeaf?

TestLeaf predominantly provides only classroom training at its premises, but online classes are provided for recapping and also for those who want to learn through online.

What will be the batch size of Data Science at TestLeaf?

Our Data Science course in Chennai would probably have 40 – 60 students for a batch.

How old is TestLeaf?

It’s been almost a decade now since we’ve made our entry in the industry in the year 2009 and we are looking forward to serve more.

How can I enroll at TestLeaf?

You can call our support number 044 - 4554 4246 and drop us a message through our website live chat (24/7) or you can directly walk-in to our office.

What are the payment options available?

TestLeaf accepts many modes of payment from in-hand cash to digital payments like POS, G-Pay, etc.


Mohamed Noordeen

Mohamed Noordeen

Senior Data Scientist

Noordeen, with 6+ years of experience in data science and has strong experience in Python and Machine Learning. He has been coaching python, data science for quite long now.