HP Loadrunner

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HP Loadrunner

Course Extract
Level Beginner / Intermediate
Length 4 weekends
Projects 2 (Fully functional)
Pre-requisites None
Batch Size 10-12 students
Job Preparation Yes
Certificate Yes
Start Date January 9, 2021

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  • Performance test and performance life cycle. Why performance test
  • Loadrunner Architecture Planning an effective load test
  • Where to install Loadrunner Components Identify H/w and S/W needed for LR installation
  • Discussion on performance test relevant to real time project.
  • Loadrunner Components – Vugen, controller, analysis, agent and add on tools ( Eg: Virtual table server etc)
  • Work load profile
  • What is scale down and discuss about capacity planning
  • Performance test plan Work load profile
  • Briefing on Loadrunner installation and support to LR installation in training machines


  • What is protocol and why it is important
  • Introduction to Vugen Component
  • What is new in 12.X
  • Discuss various protocol used in different technologies Eg: Web,Siebel,XML etc..
  • Brief on Loadrunner – Vugen concepts
  • Test Script Life cycle Use Vugen to record a Vuser Script
  • Describe HTML and URL based modes
  • In depth discussion on Recording guidelines and options.
  • Test script life cycle and framework. Exercise on new script recording with different options
  • Adding transactions, comments, rendezvous Handle success, error and exception Synchronize scripts Parameterization of scripts – File, Table andXML types
  • Virtual Table Server – Implementation.
  • For the Data usage, VTS implementation is one of the critical technique. This technique will be taught in detail with valid business example.


  • Vugen Script playback: In Depth discussion on Run time settings(RTS) Verify Vuser script functionality in VuGen for multiple iterations
  • Vugen – Playback techniques and Common scripting Issues and troubleshooting. Script fix Script review checklist.
  • Working with Vugen Functions & APIs Loadrunner function, C functions and protocol functions.
  • Working with functions and real time usages.
  • Correlation Studio Correlation concepts, Rules. Automatic and Manual Correlation.
  • Distinguish between available correlation methods Correlate a script manually using correlation functions Correlation during and After recording
  • Define rules for correlation in Recording Options
  • Enable correlation during recording Correlation after playback

Dive Deeper


  • Controller Introduction Different Scenario Setup techniques
  • Loadrunner Controller introduction and navigation
  • Scenario Setup concepts. Methods to Setup Scenario. Common Scenario issues
  • Manual Scenario setup Goal Oriented scenario. Scenario setup and troubleshooting. Define SLA. Configure Ramp up and Ramp down.
  • Controller – Design and Run Mode detailed discussion Monitor setup
  • Interview Questions and Answers


  • Load generator Concepts
  • Detained discussion on Load generator Concepts. Load generator setup in controller
  • Physical and Logical system architecture in real time projects
  • Discussion on various system architectures and plug in the concepts to your current application
  • Load runner Agent concepts
  • What is LR agent and how communication established by agent.
  • Controller Test execution techniques Running scenario (test) in LR controller
  • Running the test with user load(eg: 50 till 500 users) in LR controller
  • DAY 6

    • Test Execution monitor. How to Monitor Key performance Monitors
    • Parameters involved in test execution monitor.How to monitor the test results while test execution.View the logs, summary, vuser status etc.Working with users during run time.Post collection activities and checklist
    • Result Collation Methods
    • How to retrieve the performance results Common Performance result collection issue and troubleshooting
    • Loadrunner Interview Question. Loadrunner Certifications Overview and guidance. Exercises
    • Discuss Vugen and Controller interview questions. How to approach LR certification exam. Homework exercises for Vugen and Controller

    DAY 7

    • Introduction to Loadrunner analysis. Result collection methods. Graph collection
    • Detailed information on analysis. How to collect the results using analysis component. Collection of various graphs which includes Each server. Graphs, granular level settings and other important. Performance results
    • Perform Result analysis. Root cause analysis
    • 90% comparison of performance values. Minimum, Hit per second and throughput analysis. Server resource utilization analysis.Common Performance issues – Memory leak, High CPU utilization etc.
    • Exercise in Analysis. Interview question in Analysis component
    • Homework in LR analysis. Interview questions.

    DAY 8

    • Project Work – Lab Test
    • Specific application will be provided with test cases. Candidates will be asked to perform a project work using. Vugen,Controller and Analysis
    • Discussion on project work, Exercises, Common real time issues in performance test project

    DAY 9

    • Performance test reporting mechanism. Test result presentation – template, checklist
    • Recap – Vugen, Controller, Analysis. Resume building – Performance test engineer

    DAY 10

    Project Implementaion

    Course Details

    Course Duration

    4 WEEKS

    Every Week


    Each Session

    4 HOURS

    Projects & Assignments

    4 HOURS


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    Dan is an expert Loadrunner with 15 years of industry exposure. As an Performance testing enthusiast he is actively involved in load testing of several technology of applications. His passion for this field is matched only by his eagerness to share his knowledge with others.


    Babu Manickam

    Babu is performance testing consultant with 15 years of industry exposure. As an Loadrunner consultant, he loves supporting team to learn and implement Loadrunner at its best.