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RPA UIPath Training

RPA Training in Chennai

Undergo RPA training in Chennai at TestLeaf – a pioneer in RPA course.  Call 044 – 45544246 to know the complete information about RPA training in Chennai. Get your hands on popular tools like UI Path, Blue Prism, and Automation Anywhere.

RPA is one of the newest technologies that has made a huge impact in the IT industry and based on the recent researches the RPA market would hit about 2.5 billion USD within 2 to 3 years, due to which the RPA course in Chennai has got boomed. One of the major reasons cited for this boom is the ease of running a business with the help of RPA tools. Many companies in Chennai have been started using RPA and RPA training in Chennai is one of the hottest course going in Chennai.

Why TestLeaf for RPA training?

  • TestLeaf’s trainers have more than 10 years of experience in the IT industry and have good command over then RPA technology.
  • As the IT industry keeps on adding RPA tools in its market every day, TestLeaf offers RPA training in the most sought tools like UI Path, Blue Prism, and Automation Anywhere, etc.
  • TestLeaf has been rated as the #1 RPA training in Chennai by its Alumni.
  • Real-time projects in Robotic Process Automation to enrich your knowledge in the latest versions of the RPA software applications.
  • Support in interview and resume preparation along with mock interviews and sharing of job openings.
  • We have the customized RPA training in Chennai and made the sessions to meet the corporate objectives regardless of your programming and automation background.
  • UI Path’s authorized RPA certification test can be taken here and you will be coached here.

Why RPA is needed?

Although most of the process in the IT industry has been upgraded now, there are still many tasks that are being done manually for which millions of dollars are spent. RPA can automate all these mundane tasks, it will evict the need for unwanted expenses and minimize human interactions with computer applications like MS Excel. Due to the pros of RPA, many are desiring to get an RPA Certification in Chennai as the IT companies in Chennai have moved many of their tasks for RPA bots. RPA Course in Chennai one of the most sought and booming course.

Advantages of RPA

  • RPA can perform the tasks of thousands of software engineers and provides a lot of productivity.
  • 100% accuracy, which is not in the case when it is manually performed by humans, this is the reason why RPA training in Chennai has boomed.
  • Saves a lot of expenses.
  • RPA provides a lot of scalabilities, which means additional Robots can be added and deployed to the workforce environment according to the requirement and needs.
  • Flexibility: RPA bots are known for providing a lot of flexibility for the users, like running an Excel application (desktop) and simultaneously running it on the cloud (Google Sheets) as well.
  • Various new opportunities in Robotic Process Automation under Artificial Intelligence.
  • Many customers who have adopted to RPI has witnessed higher ROI within 12 months.
  • Provides a wide coverage, RPA applications are used in a variety of industries like Banking & Finance, Healthcare, Life Sciences, Telecom, Manufacturing, Insurance, Retail, and many other industries.

Deeper insights, RPA provides powerful and deeper insights on an organization’s business process. Each RPA bot’s activity can be logged and verified, which can be interpreted and measured through reporting tools.

RPA Certification Training in Chennai

Many are planning to get a certification in RPA so that they can enlarge their job opportunities and being certified for a particular technology will always provide a lot of confidence and helps the person to make a clear path in the particular field alone and will enhance your professional career. Undergo RPA training institute in Chennai at TestLeaf and take an RPA certification, we help you to get RPA certification in Chennai with best practices and guidance from our RPA experts. Our RPA trainers are working professionals in top MNCs and they help to monitor the cohorts and find effective ways to share the knowledge. Along with this RPA course in Chennai includes resume preparation, interview preparation, mock exams, and mock interviews.

Course Extract
Level Beginner
Length 6 Weekends
Projects 2 (Fully functional)
Pre-requisites None
Batch size 10 - 15
Job preparation Yes
Certificate Yes
Start date Oct 16 , 2021

Get Started


UiPath Tools

  • UiPath Studio
  • Ui Explorer
  • Orchestrator Server


  • Basic and desktop recording
  • Web recording
  • Citrix Recording
  • Automatic Recording
  • Step by Step Recording
  • Insert Steps from Activities
  • Introduction to Flow Chart, Sequence and State Machines


  • Screen scraping – Full Text, Native and OCR
  • Data scraping – Table, Structured
  • OCR – Google, Microsoft OCR based Text Scraping


Variables, Data Types & Control Flows

  • Variables & Data Types Introduction
  • Control Flow
    • If/Else Statements
    • Loop
    • Advanced Control Flow

Data Manipulation

  • Scalar variables, collections, tables
  • Data Manipulation
  • Gathering and assembling data


  • Customization and Debugging
  • Strategies to identify the right selectors
  • Dynamic Selectors
  • Selectors with Variables, Regular Expressions
  • Highlight and Validate Selectors


Interaction with Elements

  • Mouse Actions
  • Keyboard Actions
  • Control Actions
  • Find Element and Get Attributes
  • Events, Waits
  • Children, Parent, Ancestor

Image and Text Automation

  • Basic Citrix Recording
  • Keyboard Automation
  • Retrieve Data/Text Using OCR
  • OCR Engines – Google, Microsoft, Abby





  • String Functions
  • Convert Functions


  • Element Trigger – Click, Key Press
  • Image Trigger – Click
  • System Trigger – Hot Key, Mouse, System

Invoke Activities

  • Call another code, Workflow

Build Framework Components

  • UiPath Snippets – Build Reusable Code
  • Custom Activities – Design your own activities
  • Custom Packages – Build, Share and Manage your packages
  • Reports & Logs

Dive Deeper


Level 1 - RPA Developer Foundation Certification

Phase I - Theoretical exam (Quiz)

45 multiple answer questions, with a minimum passing score of 70%. You have three attempts to pass the quiz.



  • Publish Location – Destination, URL, API
  • Version – Current, New Version and Release Notes
  • Deploy Process and Best practices


  • Default, Custom


  • Add Machines – Standard, Machine Template
  • Manage Machine – Create, Search, Filter, Assign Robots


  • Add Robot – Standard, Floating Robot
  • Manage Robot – Create, Search, Filter, Assign Machine



  • Deploy Processes – Package, Version, Environment


  • Create Schedule – Process, Time Zone, Triggers, Targets, Actions
  • Manage Schedule – Search, Filter, Disable, Enable

Jobs, Assets, Queues

  • Manage Jobs, Assets, Queues using Platform
  • API to fetch the details of Jobs, Assets and Queues

Quiz / Certification

  • 20 multiple answer questions, with a minimum passing score of 70%. You have three attempts to pass the quiz.

DAY 10

Advanced Developer Certification

RPA Training Course Objectives

How undergoing RPA training in Chennai will change your career?

TestLeaf provides the best RPA training in Chennai.

  • Upon completion of RPA course in Chennai, job aspirants can acquire the below skillset and knowledge to face the real-time challenges.
  • Able to acquire knowledge in the basic and advanced level of UI Automation.
  • RPA course in Chennai is increasing the knowledge in passing the data for a workflow.
  • Enhances desktop automation
  • Helps to automate web application and Salesforce applications.

Industries where RPA is used

Due to its applications and ease of access, RPA is widely preferred in many industries, the below are the industries where RPA is most used.

Financial Services

Till now the finance industry has a lot of mundane tasks, ledger, monitoring the credits and debits of a company, and also fraud detection by using the credit cards. If you are already working in the Finance domain then you have high chances of landing up in a higher position is high, many financial students and professionals are looking for RPA course in Chennai.


RPA bots are well used for the tasks that involve Auditing, Account Planning and Transaction Reporting.

Human Resource

RPA bots are used to monitor the employee timesheet and leave management processes, where lots of HRs would waste their time. If you are already an HR then you can take the RPA course in Chennai.


RPA bots are used in the healthcare sector to maintain the patient records and their insurance details along with their medical claims.

Supply Chain Management

RPA bots are used for shipment tracking, procuring and order tracking.

Customer Service

RPA bots are used to automate contact/customer center tasks such as uploading the documents after scanning, verifying and approving the documents uploaded by the customers.

Course Details

Course Duration


Every Week


Each Session


Projects & Assignments



Great Career

Blue Prism Training in Chennai

Blue Prism is one of the tools that are in demand that is used by various sectors (Banking, Communication, Education, Healthcare, and Manufacturing, etc.). Blue Prism is developed using Microsoft .Net framework and can automate any application while supporting different platforms (windows, java, mainframe, web, etc.). Almost all the processes that are associated with the application can be automated on the backend, which will support even a non-technical user to carry out the tasks just by dragging and dropping at the UI level. If you want to build your career in Blue Prism tool then undergo Blue Prism Training in Chennai at TestLeaf.

Blue Prism Certification in Chennai

Due to the requirements of Blue Prism among the companies, many are planning to do a certification so that they can compete among others. TestLeaf assists you to achieve Blue Prism certification in Chennai with enough coaching. Our Blue Prism course in Chennai has the best content that helps to face the real-time challenges in a corporate workspace. The AI engine helps to connect with the advanced Artificial Intelligence tools from Google, Amazon, IBM and many others. TestLeaf is the best RPA training center in Chennai, where you can learn the best practices of Blue Prism tool. One of the best things about RPA technology is that you can automate many types of process, and can still achieve more accuracy than a human resource. Undergo training in the best Blue Prism training institute in Chennai and upgrade your skillsets.

Blue Prism Training Objectives

When it comes to RPA there are mainly two tools used in the industry, one is UI Path and the other is Blue Prism. One of the reasons that Blue Prism is popular among many is because it requires no coding at all, and it is one of the best tools to automate the back-office tasks. Blue Prism is the most sought tool among basic learners, due to these pros, Blue Prism Training in Chennai is one of the hot courses in Chennai as many are seeking to get certified and to land a job in one of the RPA technologies.

Blue Prism was founded in 2001 at it is headquartered in the United Kingdom, it is developed by the Blue Prism Group. The main objective of the development behind the Blue Prism software application is to eliminate the low return and high-risk manual data entry work. Due to these reasons, many companies have started using Blue Prism as it is being one of the competitors for UI Path. Blue Prism Training in Chennai has become one of the hot courses as IT professionals and fresh graduates are rushing to learn RPA technology, one of the best things about Blue Prism course is that it requires more coding that UI Path, apart from this Blue Prism is more user-friendly than UI Path. But when it comes to mass-scale deployment Blue Prism takes the cake, as it has got more reliability and accuracy over UI Path.

Just like UI Path, one can also get certified in Blue Prism by undergoing Blue Prism training in Chennai at Testleaf and we help the aspirants to receive RPA certification in Chennai. Due to the widespread nature of the industry, and many companies are opting for Blue Prism in par with UI Path. Having widespread knowledge in a domain would be great for a job aspirant, but UI Path’s certification is a bit expensive than Blue Prism. This is due to the software application’s features, in reality, UI Path comes as an initial kick start for the RPA bot development, but with various customizable options and development with code, Blue Prism provides a broader solution to automate the repetitive tasks. Join TestLeaf to undergo the best RPA Training in Chennai.

Undergoing an RPA certification in Chennai will help you to land a job in the RPA field, here comes the question that who can take this course?

  • Business Analysts
  • IT Professionals
  • Testing Professional
  • Professionals from the manufacturing sector
  • Finance Professionals

RPA courses don’t require any prerequisites of any programming language, basic computer science knowledge is more than enough to kick start your program. Don’t think twice, but undergo RPA certification in Chennai now to land on you lucrative job.

Robotics Blue Prism Training in Chennai

Well, let’s see the benefits of learning Blue Prism for RPA.

  • Blue Prism / RPA doesn’t require any IT skills in the background.
  • Implementation can be done within 4 to 6 weeks.
  • Provides high ROI.
  • Provides robust and high analytical suite.

And there are a lot of other advantages available in the Blue Prism tool. Undergo Blue Prism training in Chennai and enter into the Automation world as there are a lot of openings still not occupied, and many companies are looking for potential candidates who can take up the responsibilities. The recent boom of the robotic process automation has made everyone to turn their heads towards it, and automation is considered one of the coolest jobs in the IT industry. Blue Prism Training in Chennai will provide a lot of opportunities as companies in Chennai are actively looking for potential candidates.



Babu Manickam

Babu is RPA developer consultant with 17 years of industry exposure. As an RPA consultant, he loves supporting team to learn and implement UiPath at its best.