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Selenium Training

Planning to learn Selenium training in Chennai? We got you covered. TestLeaf is the Best Selenium Training institute in Chennai. We offer Selenium Certification courses for IT professionals, ring 044 455-44246 for more details.

We take immense pride of our former and present trainers and trainees as their contribution has tagged us the best Selenium testing institute in Chennai. In the current IT industry, most of the companies are moving toward automation and many professionals are planning to switch into automation from manual. But when it comes to this point most of the people get convoluted to choose the ideal training institute. TestLeaf provides the best Selenium training in Chennai, along with a few other technologies that are used vitally in the industry.

Automation is taking places everywhere, and Selenium holds the number one place when it comes to web applications, and it is one of the most commonly used tools to automate. Due to this reason, many are looking for Selenium training in Chennai and other cities for better opportunities.

What is Selenium?

Selenium is a web-based automation tool, it helps to automate functional test cases for web-based applications. It is an open-source API that supports Java, Python, Ruby, C#, .Net, etc. But Selenium doesn’t stop there, it can be used to automate the boring web-based administration tasks as well. In simple, if a web-based task is repetitive then it can be automated through Selenium. Find the best Selenium training institute in Chennai. With the help of third-party tools, we can also interact with standalone software applications like Excel. Altogether it reduces the unwanted repetitive tasks while we approach manually. Due to the benefits, many people seek Selenium training in Chennai for their career enhancement and ease of life.

About Selenium Course

Experience the quality and corporate training of TestLeaf, the best Selenium training institute in Chennai. The classes provided here are taught by real-time professionals and we charge the most reasonable fees. Our course content covers most of the real-time scenarios that an Automation Tester performs in an organization. As Selenium provides a lot of facilities, all of those are covered in your course syllabus.
• In-depth knowledge in Selenium concepts, which helps the learner to understand the components and the architecture of the Selenium.
• You’ll be taught automating the test cases using Selenium Web driver, which is the widely used tool in the automation industry.
• Complete knowledge of Web driver concepts, basic java in Selenium, Web Elements, and locaters in practical learning.
• Exposure to create a new framework and also to implement the use of Selenium tool.
• You will be handed many real-time applications to automate to get acquainted with writing automation scripts in Selenium.

Why Selenium Training at TestLeaf, Chennai?

TestLeaf provides the best coaching and it always focuses on educating people based on the real-time implementations. TestLeaf, being the best selenium training institute in Chennai , has got a lot to offer. TestLeaf focuses on high-quality Selenium training in Chennai, just to make the learners as a real-time automation test engineer. All the class sessions are taken by real-time Software Engineer and Automation Engineers, and along with Selenium few other tools are also taught here such as Jenkins, GitHub, and Maven. Apart from course content, TestLeaf provides sophisticated support for the trainees. TestLeaf takes immense pleasure to transfer knowledge to its cohorts when it comes to real-time implementation work.
Due to the presence of huge IT companies, Chennai has become one of the most IT exporting cities next only to Bangalore. The current scenario in the software industry is, they all are heading towards automation more than ever before, and many manual testers are started to switch into automation in their companies by undergoing Selenium Training in Chennai. Here at TestLeaf, you will be learning Selenium in the corporate standards.

Course Extract
Level Beginner / Intermediate
Length 8 weekends
Projects 2 (Fully functional)
Pre-requisites None
Batch size 10-15 Participants (Per Team)
Job preparation Yes
Certificate Yes
Start date Oct 30, 2021

Get Started


Html Element Basics
– Tag
– Attribute, Property
– Text
– Selenium Locators
– Locators Strategy
– Best Practices
First WebDriver Script
– Introduction to base WD Methods -get, FindElement, close
– Introduction to base WE Methods -sendKeys, clear, click
– Introduction to base wait types and window maximize
Practice a testcase to write first script


Introduction to Java Programming
– Java Basics Recap
– Looping and conditional statements
Practice a testcase to run multiple times with conditions
Exception Handling
– Java Exceptions Classes and Hierarchy
– Selenium Exceptions
– Best Practices
Practice a testcase to implement exceptions when broken
Take Snapshot
– How to take snap
– How does it differ on different browsers
– Best Practices
Practice a testcase to interact with same locator elements


– Introduction to Alert
– Methods in Alert Interface
– When to use what methods?
– Sweet Alerts and Alert Snapshot
– Expected Exceptions
Practice a testcase to using alert
– How to Switch to a frame?
– Handle Nested Frames
– Approach to move out of the frame
– Expected Exceptions
Practice a testcase to using frame(s)
Introduction to Window Handles
– Approach to move from one window to another
– Java Set Interface and its associated methods
– Close vs Quit
– Expected Exceptions & Best Practices
Practice a testcase to move from one window to another
Interact with multiple elements


Java Advanced Concepts
– OOPS Introduction
– Methods Signature and best practices
– Inheritance & Polymorphism
– Interface and Abstract Class
– How to implement in Selenium Programming
– Best Practices
Practice a testcase to using OOPS
Introduction to Wrapper Methods
– Develop Wrapper interface
– Implement methods using Selenium API
– Implement Exception Handling in the methods
– Implement snapshot for every method
– Implement logging to the methods
– Best Practices
Practice multiple wrappers required for the project
Recap and Homework


Exception Handling
– Java Exceptions Classes and Hierarchy
– Selenium Exceptions
– Best Practices
Practice a testcase to implement exceptions when broken
– Why Xpath
– Xpath techniques
– Best Practices
Introduction to ExplicitWait
– Introduction to WebDriverWait
– Implement ExpectedConditions for wait
Practice a testcase using wait
Recap and Homework


Project Day


TestNG – Why TestNG , TestNG XML
– TestNG Annotations
– TestNG Atributes
– Best Practices
Practice testcases using TestNG Annotations & Attributes


TestNG Groups and Parameterization
– TestNG DataProviders
– Paramters in XML
– Groups
– Listeners
– Best Practices
Practice TestNG groups, param using testcases
Recap and Homework

Dive Deeper


Apache POI
– Why Apache POI
– Excel Read, Excel Write, Excel Append
– Integrate Data Provider of TestNG With Excel Read
Practice testcases using excel read and dp
Extent Reports

DAY 10

Page Object Model Framework

Why Page Object Model & When it will be effective
POM Design Rules
POM Implementation of Rules
Implementation of testcases using POM framework
Implement Negative testcases

Practice a single testcase using POM framework

DAY 11


When to go for Selenium Grid
Grid Components
Ways to start Hub and Node
Integrate script with Selenium Grid
Best Practices

Practice Selenium Grid with existing test cases
Introduction to Actions

Introduction to Actions Class
Mouse Actions like Drag & Drop, Mouse Over, Right Click
KeyBoard Actions like SendKeys, KeysDown etc
Actions Chain – build, perform
Actions known limitations
Best Practices

DAY 12

– Java String
– Java Collections

DAY 13

DataBase Interaction
Keyword Driven Framework
– When to use keyword driven
– Java Reflection
– Extent Reports
– Keyword driven components
– Implementation & Challenges
– Best Practices
Practice Keyword driven framework for 2/3 testcases
Recap and Homework

DAY 14

– Why Version Controlling and Git
– GitHub Account creation
– Git Pull
– Git Push and Merge Conflicts, resolutions
– Best Practices
Practice GitHub implementation using Selenium testcases
– Maven Features
– Maven Build Process and Dependencies
– Maven Automation Project Build
– Best Practices
– Install Jenkins
– Setup Maven Project in Jenkins
– Schedule the build
– Best Practices

DAY 15

Interview Preparations
– Common Interview Questions
– Where to focus – Pareto Rule?
– How to answer a technical challenging questions
– Selenium Challenges

DAY 16

– Interview Coaching and Best Practices
– Resume Writing

What are the Advantages of Selenium?

You might have come across this question before aspiring to learn Selenium, well the fact is Selenium wins over many other tools like QTP that has been used for many years to achieve manual testing. One of the points to keep in mind is that many of the applications are being developed or the previously built applications are converted into web applications for centralized and ease of access. Due to this scenario, most of the testers are looking for Selenium coaching in Chennai and other cities. Proper Selenium training will help you to automate a web-based application with the most sophisticated features like reporting, deploying and automating without manual access, and many other facilities can be achieved by using Selenium. Selenium comes as a complete package to overcome the issues that occur while automating. Tons of automation jobs awaits for deserving candidates, undergo Selenium training in Chennai at TestLeaf to grab those opportunities.

Batch Schedule for Selenium Training at TestLeaf?

TestLeaf has got primarily two batches for Selenium Training, one will be held on weekends and other on weekdays. Usually, working professionals prefer weekend classes while job seekers and people who are in break prefer to take classes on weekdays. The timing of the batches change accordingly, but all the course content will be conveyed to the cohorts vividly and support given to them during practical work. When it comes to the size of the batch, the weekend batch has got an upper hand over week-day batch. Usually, the week-day batch has 20 – 30 members and the week-end batch has 100 – 130 members, enroll with one of the best centers for Selenium training in Chennai .

Course Details

Course Duration


Every Week


Each Session


Projects & Assignments




Selenium Certifications in Chennai

TestLeaf provides Selenium Certification in Chennai, having a certification will sure be a plus when appearing for an interview. Learning selenium would be the first step or can be the kick start, but getting experienced speaks much louder than merely learning. There are a lot of institutions offering Selenium training in Chennai and TestLeaf is first among the best. Having a certificate in Selenium stand somewhere in between these two, once you have completed the Selenium course in chennai at TestLeaf you will be given a course completed certificate upon a request. Usually, the certificates will be sent to you by emails. TestLeaf provides the most professional certificate of course completion for those who have attended at least 80 percent of the classes, get a Selenium certificate from best Selenium training institute in Chennai .

Job Opportunities for Selenium

In the current market scenario learning any skill would pay you off, but many don’t want that rather everyone wants to be first among the best. Many works used to be done manually but now has been changed to automation. The boom of automation has made everyone search for Selenium Automation Testing course in Chennai and other cities. Take Selenium Training in Chennai at an affordable price at TestLeaf. Manual testing is one among those jobs where automation makes it much easier like writing a test case script and running it whenever we want to test the application. For this reason, many companies are showing great interest in Test Automation, which leads to a lot of job openings and recruitments. TestLeaf provides the best corporate Selenium course for Manual Testers. Apart from being a mere job, automation gives a lot of confidence to those who aren’t coming from a technical background and pretty much it can’t be replaced soon. Hit the right spot while trying for Automation jobs by learning at TestLeaf, the best Selenium training institute in Chennai.

Selenium Corporate Training

So many people are looking forward to changing jobs for better opportunities, and even companies are looking to hire candidates who are fit for the corporate environment. TestLeaf knows this well and believes in providing corporate training for cohorts who enroll here, providing a friendly environment where everyone is encouraged to raise questions and try to be interactive during the class. We have the best Selenium course content that is more relevant to real-time implementation. The trainers who take classes at TestLeaf are working in the real-time development and automation testing in corporate companies. When it comes to Selenium classes real-time automation engineers would take the class, and in the case of Java, real-time java developers would teach. One of the best thing about TestLeaf is that we use real-time applications to learn and even we have a specific day for project day where candidates are given real-time applications to automate using Selenium script, TestLeaf provides the best corporate Selenium Training in Chennai .

10000+ Students Trained In Selenium Since 2009!

TestLeaf has been in the industry for 10 years, and during this journey, we have trained more than 10000+ fresher and experienced candidates in Selenium with Java. Over the period through experience, we have become the best Selenium coaching institute in Chennai. TestLeaf is being in the industry since 2009 and has gained a lot of insight in the field of automation. Our testimonials speak for us, we have trained students as their career partially depends on us that makes us give our best to them so that they can gain the knowledge and experience of working in a real-time environment. We are looking forward to serving more than ever before to our members where we can reach Selenium to the nooks and corners, join hands with TestLeaf for best Selenium Training in Chennai.
**TestLeaf is the top-rated Selenium Training Institute in Chennai that offers a Selenium in-depth learning course in Chennai. Courses are taken by experienced professionals who have more than 10 years of experience in IT. We provide high-quality Selenium training based on the current global requirements of the IT industry. Don’t wait but enroll swiftly at TestLeaf to learn the most demanding Selenium Automation Testing course in Chennai.


Idon’t have programming Knowledge, can I learn Selenium / How TestLeaf?

Selenium is a Test Automation Tool, primarily used for Automation Testing and it can be used with Java or Python. So basic programming skills are required for Test Automation, here at TestLeaf we start teaching everything from basic and it doesn’t matter if you don’t have coding skills, you can catch it up if you cooperate with us.

Why should I learn Selenium at TestLeaf?

• Selenium course provided at TestLeaf is conducted by trainers who have more than 10 years of experience in the automation industry.
• Hand in hand theory and practical classes.
• In-depth learning of Selenium for more than 80 hours
• Affordable fees for both working professionals and job seekers
• Flexible timing for both students and professionals
• Tips and training to crack interviews.
• Case studies and resume building support.
Experience the best Selenium training in Chennai with TestLeaf.

Will you provide job support post-training?

Every batch 8 hours will be allocated for interview preparation, in this session, you will be solving tough questions in Java, Selenium, TestNG along with resume building and tips and tricks to perform in an interview. Separate WhatsApp group will be created for job seeking and implementations.

Individual attention during the class?

All the cohorts will be divided into groups and provided with a mentor for that group alone, a group would consist of 8 – 15 members and all of them will be working together to achieve the task. During this, each member will be assisted individually.

What if I miss a session or to reschedule the class?

Class rescheduling can be done upon a request made by the cohort need to inform us beforehand and usually the classes will be taken through WebEx. We publish the schedule to you so that you can plan accordingly, however, we never recommend anyone to miss any class but exceptions are inevitable and we will get your back. You can connect with us during weekdays/weekends for one-to-one short learning conversations at our centre. On the worst-case scenario, you will be asked to attend that class during the upcoming batch's program.

I don’t hail from IT background can I adapt to the technology?

Anyone can get a job in IT if they can learn and adapt, so the focus should be on enhancing ourselves. TestLeaf is open to sharing the knowledge for its members and through proper practice, everyone can make it.

What certificate will I receive after the completion of Selenium training?

Take Selenium certification course at TestLeaf, upon completing the training successfully, you will be emailed a course completion certificate as that you have been completed the Selenium WebDriver Training conducted by TestLeaf Software Solutions Private Limited.

How old is TestLeaf?

It’s been almost a decade now since we’ve made our entry in the industry in the year 2009 and we are looking forward to serve more.

How can I enroll at TestLeaf?

You can call our support number 044 - 4554 4246 and drop us a message through our website live chat (24/7) or you can directly walk-in to our office.

What are the payment modes accepted at TestLeaf?

We accept payment modes such as cards, cash, G Pay and bank transfer.


Babu Manickam

Selenium Early Adopter
Babu is an expert Selenium Webdriver with 17 years of industry exposure. As an WebDriver enthusiast he is actively involved in the research and development of high end automation of applications. His passion for this field is matched only by his eagerness to share his knowledge with others.