Selenium Weekend

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Selenium Weekend

Course Extract
Level Beginner / Intermediate
Length 8 weekends
Projects 2 (Fully functional)
Pre-requisites None
Batch size 8 - 10 Participants
Job preparation Yes
Certificate Yes
Start date June 1, 2019

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Html Element Basics
– Tag
– Attribute, Property
– Text
– Selenium Locators
– Locators Strategy
– Best Practices
First WebDriver Script
– Introduction to base WD Methods -get, FindElement, close
– Introduction to base WE Methods -sendKeys, clear, click
– Introduction to base wait types and window maximize
Practice a testcase to write first script


Introduction to Java Programming
– Java Basics Recap
– Looping and conditional statements
Practice a testcase to run multiple times with conditions
Exception Handling
– Java Exceptions Classes and Hierarchy
– Selenium Exceptions
– Best Practices
Practice a testcase to implement exceptions when broken
Take Snapshot
– How to take snap
– How does it differ on different browsers
– Best Practices
Practice a testcase to interact with same locator elements


– Introduction to Alert
– Methods in Alert Interface
– When to use what methods?
– Sweet Alerts and Alert Snapshot
– Expected Exceptions
Practice a testcase to using alert
– How to Switch to a frame?
– Handle Nested Frames
– Approach to move out of the frame
– Expected Exceptions
Practice a testcase to using frame(s)
Introduction to Window Handles
– Approach to move from one window to another
– Java Set Interface and its associated methods
– Close vs Quit
– Expected Exceptions & Best Practices
Practice a testcase to move from one window to another
Interact with multiple elements


Java Advanced Concepts
– OOPS Introduction
– Methods Signature and best practices
– Inheritance & Polymorphism
– Interface and Abstract Class
– How to implement in Selenium Programming
– Best Practices
Practice a testcase to using OOPS
Introduction to Wrapper Methods
– Develop Wrapper interface
– Implement methods using Selenium API
– Implement Exception Handling in the methods
– Implement snapshot for every method
– Implement logging to the methods
– Best Practices
Practice multiple wrappers required for the project
Recap and Homework


Exception Handling
– Java Exceptions Classes and Hierarchy
– Selenium Exceptions
– Best Practices
Practice a testcase to implement exceptions when broken
– Why Xpath
– Xpath techniques
– Best Practices
Introduction to ExplicitWait
– Introduction to WebDriverWait
– Implement ExpectedConditions for wait
Practice a testcase using wait
Recap and Homework


Project Day


TestNG – Why TestNG , TestNG XML
– TestNG Annotations
– TestNG Atributes
– Best Practices
Practice testcases using TestNG Annotations & Attributes


TestNG Groups and Parameterization
– TestNG DataProviders
– Paramters in XML
– Groups
– Listeners
– Best Practices
Practice TestNG groups, param using testcases
Recap and Homework

Dive Deeper


Apache POI
– Why Apache POI
– Excel Read, Excel Write, Excel Append
– Integrate Data Provider of TestNG With Excel Read
Practice testcases using excel read and dp
Extent Reports

DAY 10

Page Object Model Framework

  • Why Page Object Model & When it will be effective
  • POM Design Rules
  • POM Implementation of Rules
  • Implementation of testcases using POM framework
  • Implement Negative testcases

Practice a single testcase using POM framework

DAY 11


  • When to go for Selenium Grid
  • Grid Components
  • Ways to start Hub and Node
  • Integrate script with Selenium Grid
  • Best Practices

Practice Selenium Grid with existing test cases
Introduction to Actions

  • Introduction to Actions Class
  • Mouse Actions like Drag & Drop, Mouse Over, Right Click
  • KeyBoard Actions like SendKeys, KeysDown etc
  • Actions Chain – build, perform
  • Actions known limitations
  • Best Practices

DAY 12

– Java String
– Java Collections

DAY 13

DataBase Interaction
Keyword Driven Framework
– When to use keyword driven
– Java Reflection
– Extent Reports
– Keyword driven components
– Implementation & Challenges
– Best Practices
Practice Keyword driven framework for 2/3 testcases
Recap and Homework

DAY 14

– Why Version Controlling and Git
– GitHub Account creation
– Git Pull
– Git Push and Merge Conflicts, resolutions
– Best Practices
Practice GitHub implementation using Selenium testcases
– Maven Features
– Maven Build Process and Dependencies
– Maven Automation Project Build
– Best Practices
– Install Jenkins
– Setup Maven Project in Jenkins
– Schedule the build
– Best Practices

DAY 15

Interview Preparations
– Common Interview Questions
– Where to focus – Pareto Rule?
– How to answer a technical challenging questions
– Selenium Challenges

DAY 16

– Interview Coaching and Best Practices
– Resume Writing

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Gopinath Jayakumar

Automation Sr. Consultant
Gopinath, with 9+ years of experience in testing and test automation plays a vital role in training you in Selenium WebDriver and RPA

Babu Manickam

Selenium Early Adopter
Babu is an expert Selenium Webdriver with 17 years of industry exposure. As an WebDriver enthusiast he is actively involved in the research and development of high end automation of applications. His passion for this field is matched only by his eagerness to share his knowledge with others.

Vijay (VJ)

TestNG Expert
VJhas 6 years of solid professional experience in designing and developing automated test suites. He is an expert TestNG architect, who has a vast reservoir of knowledge to share with his participants.